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Login Guide: Faculty and Staff

Last Updated: Sep 25, 2017 03:50PM PDT

If you need help logging in or resetting your password, use the table below.

These login and password reset methods are specifically for faculty and staff and may not work for students. If you need help with student accounts, please use the Student Login Guide.

System Information for initial access User Name Password How to Reset Your Password
Campus Computers, WiFi and Printers Microsoft Office 365
accounts are provided by South Seattle IT Services

Activate your account using your SID and PIN here,
First name + last name

Jack Harkness = jack.harkness
Your password is created by you when you activate your account Using your SID and PIN
you can reset password via​
1. Log into a campus computer first to establish your credentials.

2. Connect your device to xSouthWirelessNetwork

3. Navigate to the wireless login page or any page that ends in something other than .edu, e.g.,

4. Enter your login credentials and accept the terms of service.
Same as Campus Computers

Note: Users must login to a campus computer at the beginning of each quarter before they will be able to access the WiFi network
Same as Campus Computers Contact South IT Services
District Email and Office 365 You will need to initialize your account on the EAD Tools site for the District. You will need your SID and PIN to initialize your account. Access the EAD Tools page, select Initialize, and follow the instructions. Format is generally 
Your password is set by you during the initialization process.  Access the password reset tool on the EAD Tools site. You will need your SID and PIN to reset your password.

You can change your password, by accessing Manage Account Settings on the EAD Tools site.
Request a Canvas account by using the Contact Us link on this page.  Your full email address When your account is created, you will receive an email with instructions on how to complete your account creation. You will select your own password. The only requirement is that the password is at least eight characters long.  Use the "Forgot Password?" link on the login page for Canvas. This will send you an email with instructions for how to reset your password. 

If you encounter problems, contact the eLearning office using the Contact Us link on this page.
Request a Google Apps for Education account by using the Contact Us link on this page.  The first letter of your first name + your full last name + Your initial password will be sent to you when your account is created. You will be required to change your password on your first login.  If you set up a password recovery method on your account, Google will text you a password reset code. If you didn't set up password recovery, or are experiencing difficulties, contact the eLearning office by using the Contact Us link on this page. 
Request an invitation by using the Contact Us link on this page. Full email address. Set by the user when activating their account Use the "Forgot Password" link on the login page
You must complete initial training before you will be able to access this system. Your full email address. The same password you use for your District email/Office 365 account. Reset your District email/Office 365 password. 25Live uses the same credentials. If you are still having trouble, the help contact for 25Live is listed on the 25Live login page.
A number of tools are maintained by the District. All of these tools require your SID and PIN to login. They include: 
Time and Leave Reporting - for checking pay stubs and tracking sick leave and vacation
Instructor Briefcase - for accessing student rosters and reporting grades
Inside Seattle Colleges - the District intranet, which provides access to forms, documents and District and campus data
Travel Authorization System - where you may be required to complete your own travel authorization and reimbursement paperwork. 
Your nine-digit SID. This is also sometimes called an EIN (Employee ID Number).  Your PIN is provided to you when you are hired. If you need to recover your SID or PIN, you can use the SID and PIN recovery tool.

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