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Request for users to be added to Canvas courses: Employees

Last Updated: Mar 28, 2017 01:23PM PDT

Generally, course enrollment in Canvas is handled through an automated process which pulls data directly from our scheduling system. All student enrollment in Canvas is handled through this process. 

Adding additional users to live shells (shells that correspond to course item numbers)

In order to add someone to a Canvas shell for a course offered at the college, you need to make a help request. Select the "Contact Us" link on this page and select the "Request additional Teacher, TA..." category from the "What are you having trouble with" dropdown. For each person you would like to add, please include the following information:

  • The item number of the course
  • First and last name of the person to be added
  • Email address--include the email address if they are an employee of the any of the district colleges
  • Role you would like to assign to them.
  • To insure compliance with FERPA, please include the user's legitimate educational interest in being added to the course.

Adding users to shells that you have manually created

You can add users in certain roles to course shells that you have created manually for development or practice purposes. The student role is not available to you for manually-created courses, but all other roles are. This allows you to easily and freely collaborate with colleagues on course development. Learn how to invite colleagues to check out your development course shells. If you need to add people in the student role to your manually-created course, please contact eLearning. Include: 

  • The full URL for the course home page. It should look something like
  • First and last name of the person to be added
  • Email address--include the email address if they are an employee of any of the district colleges
  • A brief statement of the need for the student role in the course--if this is an ongoing need to support the administrative work of the college, we may be able to set up a program or division shell that would allow you to handle future additions yourself. 

Adding users to shells used by divisions or programs for administration and communication

Program and division management shells have special permissions, and users who are enrolled in the shells as Teachers will be able to add other users as both Teachers and as Students. This allows programs to manage their own changing staff roster without needing to request assistance from eLearning. Learn how to invite new users to your program's course shell. 

If you would like to use Canvas to manage communication with your program or division, or if you already have a shell set up and would like the permissions adjusted to allow you to add users in the Student role, please file a ticket with us. 

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