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When you can't see your classes in Canvas: Students

Last Updated: Sep 23, 2018 06:18PM PDT

There are several reasons why you may not be able to see your classes in Canvas.

Have you checked your All Courses list?

You won't always see all of your courses on the Canvas Dashboard. Make sure to check your All Courses list as your instructor may not have published your course, yet. 

Are you fully registered for your classes?

Students can only access classes in Canvas for which they are registered.

NOTE: Being on the waitlist for a class will not grant you access to that class in Canvas.

Enrollment status in a class can change from moment to moment at the beginning of the term. Please don't rely on information from a day, or even a few hours, ago. Make sure to check your current enrollment status at MySouth. You'll need your SID and your PIN to log in.

If you have just registered, please allow at least two hours for your classes to be visible. They will usually be visible much sooner than that.

Are you using the correct username and password?

Canvas permits you to log in using your credentials from other campuses in Washington State where you've taken classes. This can sometimes cause confusion, and you'll be logged in at South, but with an account from a different campus--an account which is not registered for the classes you're looking for. You'll know if this is the case when you login and you see a green banner across the top of the screen. The banner will say “You are logged in at South Seattle College using your credentials from [Some Other] College.” The banner disappears after 5 seconds.

Green banner at the top of the Canvas login screen

To fix this problem, you'll need to reset your Canvas password. Follow these instructions to reset your Canvas password.

Is your teacher using Canvas?

Not all instructors use Canvas, and even some online and hybrid courses use other platforms. Please contact your instructor to confirm that the course will be taught using Canvas.

Has your SID changed recently?

If your SID (Student Identification Number) has been compromised, or if you want to have your SID match on all campuses in the Seattle Colleges District, your SID will be changed by the Registrar. This should never happen without your knowledge. 

If your SID has changed, this will impact your course enrollment in Canvas. You will need to file a help request with eLearning any time your SID changes. Click the "Contact Us" link on this page. When you explain the situation, make sure that you include your old SID and your new SID.

If you are still having problems:

Please contact the eLearning office for additional help. You can request help by clicking the "Contact Us" link on this page, or by using any of the other methods listed under that link.

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