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End of Term Checklist for Canvas: Faculty

Last Updated: Aug 16, 2016 03:06PM PDT

Managing course conclusion

Automatic conclusion schedule and preventing student participation after the quarter ends

Courses are automatically concluded and added to the Past Enrollments section of your course list--at the very bottom. If you’re looking for a past course, check your full list of courses in Canvas.

Courses remain open for one quarter after the term in which the course was taught. Spring Quarter courses remain open through the end of Fall. This additional term is to facilitate faculty management of incomplete agreements with students.

When Courses Conclude, by Term
If your course was initially taught in... then your course will conclude at
11:59 pm on the day before the start of the...
Fall Quarter Spring Quarter
Winter Quarter Summer Quarter
Spring Quarter Winter Quarter
Summer Quarter Winter Quarter

If you would like to disable student participation in the course before the conclusion date, you can limit user participation by date. Follow the instructions in this Canvas Guide on Changing the Start and End Dates for a Course. Don't forget to check the "Users can only participate in the course between these dates" checkbox. If you don't check the box, the dates will only be used for mapping imported content onto the course calendar, and won't be used to control course access.

CAUTION: Do not make changes to course content once the instructional term is over. If you edit content in a course, students receive notification that you have made changes. In particular, you should avoid changing due dates on assignments, as this can add notifications to a student's To Do list.

For example, if you decided to make updates in your Fall course on December 28, to prepare for offering the same course in the Winter, your Fall students would be notified of these changes, even though they had already completed the course. Instead, you should import your Fall course into the Winter course shell and make changes within the Winter shell.

What to expect when your course concludes


Instructors cannot perform the following actions within concluded courses:

  • Edit course content
  • Edit Grades
  • View or download Analytics
  • View or download Item Analysis within Quizzes
  • Send a message to the class within Canvas

But you can still copy your concluded course into a new shell. 


Once the course is concluded, students can still perform the following actions:

  • View Grades
  • View Content
  • View Discussions and Assignments
  • Send a message to their instructor

Students cannot:

  • View Quiz questions/answers
  • Create submissions for any course activity

Maintenance tasks to complete before your course concludes

Export a copy of your grade book

You can download a copy of your Canvas grade book so that it will be easier to access student grades. It's also a good idea to occasionally back up your grade book throughout the term. While Canvas is a very reliable system, no system is infallible.

Canvas exports your grade book to a .csv (comma-separated values) file, which should be readable by almost any spreadsheet application.

If you do export your grade book, make sure to store your copy in a secure, FERPA-compliant location.

How do I download scores from the Gradebook?

Export a copy of your course

You can still copy a concluded course into a new course shell, but no system is infallible. Exporting and saving a copy of your course will save you potential frustration should anything unforeseen happen to the online copy of your course.

How do I export a Canvas course?

Gather copies of sample work

If you would like to be able to use outstanding student submissions as examples in future courses, you should first get the express written permission of the students. Then download or cut and paste copies of the sample work. Make sure to retain a copy of the written permission with a copy of the sample work as part of your personal records outside of Canvas.

Be aware of any incompletes

Courses conclude at least one term after the term in which they were taught (see table, above). Because District grading policy requires that all incomplete work be completed within the quarter following when the Incomplete grade was assigned (not counting Summer), no adjustments to Canvas enrollments should be required.

Once a course concludes, students will no longer have access to submit assignments, but they can still access assignment prompts and can submit work to you via an attachment to a Canvas message (or plain old email).

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